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AAA experience

Studio was founded by a group of creators who previously worked extensively on AAA franchises like: The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Dead Island, Dying Light, Call of Juarez.

AA ambitions

Starward is about bringing a miningful experience for players on pc and consoles.

We want to pursue the quality we know and deliver it through smaller, yet more innovative, fresh products.

Starward dream

There is no other direction we can turn than starward. We've done plenty, now it's time to show our best.



Title: [TBA]

Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller

Mode: 100% single-player

Art style: Retro-Futuristic, Atompunk

License: Stanisław Lem's novel

Playtime: Up to 10h

Engine: Unreal 4

Premiere: 2021



Marek Markuszewski

Game Director

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Wojtek Ostrycharz

Art Director

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Mateusz Lendor


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Daniel Betke

Technical Director

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Sebastian Spłuszka

Environment Artist

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Mariusz Antkiewicz

Gameplay Designer

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Piotr Mierzwa

Hardsurface Artist

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Michał Lorczak

Level Designer

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Brunon Lubas

Audio Designer

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Starward Industries S.A.

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